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Liza Callen Interviewed on Hot91 FM [PODCAST]

Q. Liza Callen, what is it like to be an internationally renowned animal communicator?

Well, I work with a huge variety of animals. It doesn't seem to matter which species. I've always heard the animals since I was a tiny child so I just presumed everyone could hear animals until a little bit later when I was told, "No they don't."

So in my experience, and I've been doing it for a long time now of working as an animal communicator, I work with all types of pet behaviour situations, finding lost pets, spirit pets. I've always had an in to listening to them after they've passed and that's probably my most favourite session, interestingly enough, because it can be really quite profound and really deeply moving. And it really can help an enormous amount.

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Remote Energy Diagnosis And Healing For Pets (Sick Pets)

Pet Healing from Remote LocationWhen your pet becomes sick it is always concerning. Finding a good veterinarian is important for diagnosis of symptoms and pharmaceutical solutions. However, many illnesses are hard to diagnose and even harder to treat, especially when there are multiple conditions affecting your pet.

An animal communication session with Liza and your sick pet begins with an auric electromagnetic scan of the total body and a talk to your pet about what and where they are feeling it in their body.

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Birds and Their Business

Pet ReincarnationBirds in all their varieties of species are unique and very intelligent creatures. When a bird is hand raised from birth they take on more of the personality of the household they live in and develop their own distinctive personality. It is a type of subtle fusion which allows a bird to thrive in captivity with the right care and love.

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Pets - The Afterlife and Reincarnation

Pet ReincarnationThe grief of losing a pet can be a gut wrenching, heart crushing experience. The bonds we have with certain pets is often closer than our human bonds. Our pet’s unconditional love and true acceptance opens our hearts like few people could.

Animals have Souls. They have a foreverness and an expanded consciousness and life choices just like us. They choose to be in dog, cat, bird or any other animal body and often plan to be with certain humans for a life experience and a deeper connection with the souls of those people.

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Separation Anxiety in Pets. Causes and Symptoms

Separation anxiety in dogs, cats or birds can be caused by many different factors. Some animals crave their own species for company and well -being. It can be a deep biological need. No amount of cuddles, pats, food or constant companionship will make much of a difference.

However, when a pet understands you cannot own or bring in a friend for them until eg. You need a bigger house, yard, more time, money or you just don´t want to be responsible for another animal in your home, just tell them.

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Spirit Pets and How To Overcome the Grief

When a pet passes on, it can be one of the worst grief stricken times of your life. The void it brings when this little being is gone is vast and filled with great loss, pain, sometimes accompanied by regret, guilt, confusion and a soul loneliness.

Whether your pet dies of old age, illness or accident seems to make no difference to the grief levels you may feel.

The first important thing I have learned from a Spirit Pets is that they are never afraid of death. Whether a sudden early demise/accident or a timely death after a long life or illness. Animal communication has real benefits for you when you are ready to talk to your Spirit Pet.

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How To Communicate with your Pet (Part 1)

Animal communication is the ability to talk and listen to animals. Most animal lovers choose to live with pets. Having animals in your daily life is a must. Whether it´s birds, cats, dogs, lizards, rabbits, snakes and/or all sorts of wildlife (depending on your environment).

Just like humans, they want to be heard. Your pet wants a relationship with you. A relationship with food and shelter included! They too want to be loved and accepted.

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How to Talk to Your Pet Telepathically (Part 2)

Techniques and Pointers

  1. Get relaxed, take several deep breaths and empty out the thoughts, feelings and effort on the exhale. Often music without words assist to get in your zone for the short times for your practice.
  2. Don´t try too hard. It is similar to being a radio transmitter and receiver.
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Finding Lost Pets

Finding your lost pet can be a difficult and stressful process. The sooner you can begin to look and strategize your search the better. Of course checking your neighborhood first is logical. Calling around Pounds and Veterinarians, posting on LOST PETS on Facebook and putting up posters can help.

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Introducing a New Pet into your Home

Does your pet want more animal company? Or do they prefer being the only one? Do you hesitate to bring other species into your home for fear of conflict between them? Are you an animal lover that want to live with birds, cats, dogs, lizards etc. and do you also feed local wildlife?

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