Birds and Their Business

Birds and Their Business blogBirds in all their varieties of species are unique and very intelligent creatures. When a bird is hand raised from birth they take on more of the personality of the household they live in and develop their own distinctive personality. It is a type of subtle fusion which allows a bird to thrive in captivity with the right care and love.

A wild bird has that same uniqueness and intelligence, but also is more bound in with it´s survival in the skies.

In my experience birds have extraordinary memory and often tell me of traumatic situations that happened to them or the family many years ago. Just like any animal communication session, they want to understand and rectify the situation if the remnants of that situation still haunt them or the family.

Birds are sensitive beings and don´t enjoy long periods of stress in a household. (Who does?). Breeding season can be difficult as hormones trigger and aggressive behaviour is common. If a person has a strong bond with his bird, your bird could become very possessive with you.

A common problem is feather plucking. Sometimes this is a dietary issue, however this is usually an indication of long term unresolved worry and anxiety. It is not a difficult habit to stop when the underlying situation is understood and adjusted if necessary.

When a person has an experience with a wild bird or birds, it can be a mystical moment. Yes a little bird can tell you things you need to hear! Birds recognize people and their energy. Birds always prefer people that love birds. They give comfort, colour, companionship and the joy of their quirky bird personality.

Many households have mixed species dogs, a cat, a bird, rabbits etc. When a pet knows the different species in the home are not to be hurt or eaten, most often it is perfectly fine to have a mix of animals at home. The only situations that may cause problems with aggression if the personality’s don´t like each other or the biological hunting drive is very strong.
Birds are great communicators and love to talk and be spoken to. Building a strong verbal relationship, which can include made up songs, singing with the radio etc. is essential if you want a happy bird.

Communicating with your bird requires not only an auditory expression, but also telepathically. Telepathy (silently thru thoughts, feelings and visuals) works best for more in depth answers and results.

Bird also have an ability to intuitively feel and fly along the electro -magnetic grids that criss cross the planet. I am still discussing the science of it with them. I will keep you posted on that information.

Birds are beautiful. They fly through the heavens observing and feeling the connection of every living thing. Knowing the strength and protection of the trees are there for them to rest, regroup and then return to the skies.

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