Finding Lost Pets

Finding your lost pet can be a difficult and stressful process. The sooner you can begin to look and strategize your search the better. Of course checking your neighborhood first is logical. Calling around Pounds and Veterinarians, posting on LOST PETS on Facebook and putting up posters can help.

However, many lost pets may encounter situations that could take them far from the place you last saw them. Whether they walk there or a taken by a well- meaning person because after a week or so roughing it, that well- meaning person may think they are saving an abandoned animal. On occasion, people do steal pets, but it is still sometimes possible to find them.

When your pet disappears your stress levels hit a new high. It is essential to take time to breathe deep and calm down, at least when you are connecting mentally with your pet. They are stressed and confused and don´t need to pick up on your feelings of desperation. It can make them more fearful of the situation.

Take time to sit quietly with eyes shut, empty your mind as best you can.

Ask for them to show you what they see around them, what they smell or hear or feel. Animals communicate with all their senses in a telepathic way.

Ask for your pet to visit you in a dream, to make sure they are still OK.

Most pets just don’t´ run away from home forever. Some animals are escape artists, some just love to run, some just want an adventure. However, a lot of lost pets have a scare and just run. It could be thunder, another animal jumping there fence, builders making noise or any sudden strange encounter outside.

Being a GPS for your Pet is one of the most successful ways I have assisted lost pets in getting home.

This is a simple technique that I suggest to be done for one minute 6 to 8 times a day and once when in bed at night.

GPS Technique

Visualize a 3D ball of Light in your chest. This is the energy of love and connection you have with your pet. From that ball of Light visualize a path or laser beam of Light coming from your chest. On the end of the path see you pet, push out the Love, down the path and wrap it around them and say ´Follow the Path of Light home´.

Don´t worry if you are unable to visualize perfectly. Your intention is more important.

There are many other ways and techniques I use for locating lost pets. If they haven´t gone too far, this is what surprisingly works best. Indoor cats, that don´t even know what their house looks like, can be found sitting on their owner´s doormat days or weeks later, birds and dogs can also follow this invisible path home. Animals have amazing abilities we just don´t understand as yet.

More on lost pets in another Blog.

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