How To Communicate with your Pet (Part 1)

Animal communication is the ability to talk and listen to animals. Most animal lovers choose to live with pets. Having animals in your daily life is a must. Whether it´s birds, cats, dogs, lizards, rabbits, snakes and/or all sorts of wildlife (depending on your environment).

Just like humans, they want to be heard. Your pet wants a relationship with you. A relationship with food and shelter included! They too want to be loved and accepted.

No matter how you came about ´finding, looking for or owning´ your special pets. Did you realize your pet chose you to spend their physical life with? I´ve heard this many times from animals.

It´s a soul connection that can bring awesome companionship, fulfillment, belonging, acceptance and sometimes a fair amount of trouble and grief.

So, in the big and small scheme of things animal communication is a powerful tool and the natural way to know what your pet wants, needs and interesting enough, they always have suggestions, questions and answers for your life too. I´m serious here.

Pets do know what you are feeling and thinking. They experience living with you daily. They know you well. Some pets have a wisdom and knowing about their owners, way beyond the wisdom of their owners. Wouldn´t you like some clarity and suggestions from your furry friend about yourself and your family?

Animals talk in a telepathic way mind to mind with humans. They don´t need to learn it, we need to hear it. So with that in mind let´s get down to some basic ways you can learn this ability.

Telepathic communication is something that most people have experienced somewhere in their life, whether they acknowledge or not.

Animals have many ways to communicate. Here are some of them.

101 Animal Communication

Start with asking your pet one question. It could be about health, emotions, issues, behavior etc.

Be open to hearing anything or nothing. Be persistent a question or two every day. Mix it up with a comment here and there e.g. I love you, I´m going away for the weekend, you are my best friend. Make it personal, real and brief.

An animal can talk in several ways or a combination of ways. Here are some of the main ones.

  1. Thought/feelings – It can seem like a thought may come right out of your head that you weren’t thinking. It always has a feeling attached.
  2. Visual- Pictures and sometimes a type of movie screen starts playing in your head. Eyes need to be closed.
  3. Transferring physical symptoms into areas of your body when you ask them about their illness or injury. A person only experiences these symptoms for a few seconds in a lesser degree.
  4. Smells
  5. Dreams
  6. Animals can telepathically talk to you from a great distance. It is not necessary to have them by your side. So don´t overstress when you are not there.

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