How To Talk Telepathically with your Pet (Part 2)

Techniques and Pointers

  1. Get relaxed, take several deep breaths and empty out the thoughts, feelings and effort on the exhale. Often music without words assist to get in your zone for the short times for your practice.
  2. Don´t try too hard. It is similar to being a radio transmitter and receiver.
  3. Transmitting your question or comment telepathically and waiting in that empty mind space for an answer, a comment, a sensation in your body, literal telepathic words, body language or maybe a taste in your mouth.
  4. If you don´t feel you got a response, don´t think you can´t talk to your pet and don´t give up after a few times. It´s important to keep open. Let it go and try again the next day.
  5. Depending on the individual pet, it takes them a little time to realize you are wanting to talk and listen to them this way. You will always want to speak out loud to them and they are used to that. However it´s the silent telepathic language that you really hear what´s going on with them and can help in a powerful ways, physically, emotionally and mentally. Every pet has individual needs. Do you want to know what they are?
  6. The visual aspect of Animal Communication is fairly dominant in a lot of animals. So closing your eyes when talking or listening to your pet opens up their opportunity to send images with feelings attached. The question or comment you send them can be open eyed. It is receiving of their images that your eyes need to be closed. Of course when giving information like I´m going away for a week. This person will be staying with you, etc. Send them an image.
  7. Keep at it. Once your pet knows you can hear them telepathically, they will try to communicate in this way more and more, especially for important conversations.
  8. Know Animal Communication is a natural ability. You don´t have to be a psychic or gifted in this way. You just need to be open, persistent with practice (5 minutes a day minimum) and wanting to be there for your pet in a very special way.

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