Introducing a New Pet into the Home

Does your pet want more animal company? Or do they prefer being the only one? Do you hesitate to bring other species into your home for fear of conflict between them? Are you an animal lover that want to live with birds, cats, dogs, lizards etc. and do you also feed local wildlife?

Of course animals have their biological instincts to hunt and look for prey. However, it is not only possible for them to understand that there are many species on this planet, but if they are well fed, there is no need to hurt or attack any creature. Every living creature deserves to have a life.

When introducing a new pet into the home. Make sure your pet is aware beforehand, that this will be happening. If possible, make your pet part of the choosing process.

For introducing a new kitten to your cats, put some fish oil on the kitten´s fur. The other cat will lick it off and transfer it´s saliva and body scent to the kitten and feel the kitten is connected to home and family now. For puppy/dog introductions use a dob of peanut butter or make some type of soft consistency meat paste. It work wonderfully well and bonds the pets through smell and touch.

The new pet may have issues or not. Your other pets may have questions too. If it is a rescued or rehomed animal, this pet really needs to know that- This is their Forever Home now. If complications arise, contact an Animal Communicator to help the whole animal and human family to adjust quickly and enjoy their expanded family.

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