Pets - The Afterlife and Reincarnation

Pet ReincarnationThe grief of losing a pet can be a gut wrenching, heart crushing experience. The bonds we have with certain pets is often closer than our human bonds. Our pet’s unconditional love and true acceptance opens our hearts like few people could.

Animals have Souls. They have a foreverness and an expanded consciousness and life choices just like us. They choose to be in dog, cat, bird or any other animal body and often plan to be with certain humans for a life experience and a deeper connection with the souls of those people.

When a pet dies they move very quickly to the other worlds. I have yet to meet an animal that is stuck ‘somewhere’ or lost and confused or alone. There is no big Dog Park or Cat Heaven in the sky, as such. I have seen pets in Spirit with Large Light Beings, sometimes deceased relatives, Angels and other animals. On several occasions I have also seen them with souls of babies that will be born in the near future to parents that have not even conceived them yet!

Pets always have a choice about whether to return to another body to be with the family or person they want to be with. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don´t. Don´t take it personally. They are souls evolving in their own way and know what they need to continue that journey.

The comfort of a deep soul relationship with your pet is indescribably heart opening. There are some animals that have incarnated countless times over thousands of years to be with You! Almost always in that case, there is strong sense of purpose to your life and the passion to live it. Pets remind us in their unique way, who we are at our core and what is important in our life. (We don´t always listen.)

When a pet chooses to reincarnate to be with you again there are many ways you will know or sense or experience the signs to find that special soul again. In more cases though, they seem to find you without much difficulty, if you follow your instincts, feelings and quite occasionally a clear message from your Spirit Pet.

Souls come into this planet when they want to. You may wait for years or sometimes only several months. In the meantime talk to your Spirit Pet (telepathically) whenever you want or need to. Then, in that silence, listen.

Do you want to contact the spirit of a pet that has passed over?

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