Remote Energy Diagnosis And Healing For Pets (Sick Pets)

remote energy diagnosis for petsWhen your pet becomes sick it is always concerning. Finding a good veterinarian is important for diagnosis of symptoms and pharmaceutical solutions. However, many illnesses are hard to diagnose and even harder to treat, especially when there are multiple conditions affecting your pet.

An animal communication session with Liza and your sick pet begins with an auric electromagnetic scan of the total body and a talk to your pet about what and where they are feeling it in their body.

Pets always seem to know how serious their health condition is. Some may opt for a needle to move on, other have different reasons to heal or continue living despite their condition. Usually always a pet has suggestions and needs expressed about levels of pain, confusion, energy and food preference or unpleasant medicines.

The second part of the Remote Healing for Pets is a focused current of healing energy I send to the animal for specific target areas. The energy sent takes about 45 minutes.

A CD of Cell Singing is included. Cell Singing is a Sound Healing technique created by Liza using multi-phonic vocals. She has been research for her sound healing abilities in the Medical College of Virginia USA and the Monroe Institute. Sound Medicine for everyday use for you and your pets.

Wherever there is a blockage or disease the vibrational frequency of that part of the body changes. Sound penetrates the organs and moves through the nervous system. The multi-phonic sounds move into the cells and gently changes the vibration to a higher frequency and the condition may heal or improve to a manageable state.

Other techniques, supplements and natural remedies are suggested depending on the condition and the individual pet.

Be aware a pet can heal or maintain a level of health easier when nutrition is good, the home environment is non -toxic and the love is abundant.

There is of course the role of genetics. Weaknesses in certain genetic markers don´t make a definite case of continuing to pass these diseases or weaknesses on to offspring. However, attention must be paid to a healthy lifestyle for all your pets.

An Animal Communication session is good way to understand how your pet is physically feeling with conditions, symptoms, pain, low energy, blindness, deafness, teeth, organs or sadly, quietly dying.

Guilt is a common emotion to feel when your pet is very ill.

Guilt is also one of the feelings animals have a hard time understanding when they feel it from you. It is really confusing for them. Do whatever you can for your sick pet and please don´t feel guilt over not doing enough, or the right thing. Just do your best for them.

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