Separation Anxiety in Pets. Causes and Symptoms

Separation anxiety in dogs, cats or birds can be caused by many different factors. Some animals crave their own species for company and well -being. It can be a deep biological need. No amount of cuddles, pats, food or constant companionship will make much of a difference.

However, when a pet understands you cannot own or bring in a friend for them until eg. You need a bigger house, yard, more time, money or you just don´t want to be responsible for another animal in your home, just tell them.

Don´t feel guilty about it, your pet will pick up the vibe of guilt and get confused. Not to mention, guilt is very sticky emotion that takes the full joy out of the moment.

There is sometimes a reason to worry about this situation, especially when working long hours or going on holidays. Questions like ´Will they think I have left them? ´ What if they run away? Are they lonely? Unhappy? Bored all day? Has he been barking all day? Will they just not understand where I am? How come they don´t feel secure with all my love?

One main way a pet understands time is through the cycles of the sun. If you are going away for a period of days, count them up as suns and night skies. For example: One week could be 6 nights and 7 days (depending when you leave). So the day or two before your trip take a minute with your pet to explain.´ I´m going away´ for a week.´ Then, close your eyes and visualize a sun, then a night sky with stars. Repeat until the number of days away equal the number of suns and night skies of your trip.

Make sure you also visualize who will be taking care of them. Visuals are an important tool for animal communication.

For pets who suffer separation anxiety on a daily basis, firstly they need to know the basics of why you leave them 5 days a week (usually for work or other commitments). The concept of money is only understood when you may say. ´We need food, a place to live, a car to take us to the dog park, beach, visiting friends etc. I need to leave you a lot during the week, because we need the money to live the life we have.

There can often be early trauma and abandonment, especially with rescued pets. It is possible to get to the core of the issue of being abandoned and quickly transform your anxious pet to a much more relaxed animal. This may require an animal communication session or not. Part of my expression after hearing about that initial abandonment is a deep apology for any trauma they experienced with their previous owners. For unknown reasons to me, it helps your pet move on from this behavior.

Just like us humans, animals want to be heard. Especially to express a big stressor or issue effecting them. Learn to be their ear. Learn to express clearly what you need to communicate to your precious pets.

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