Spirit Pets and How To Overcome the Grief

When a pet passes on, it can be one of the worst grief stricken times of your life. The void it brings when this little being is gone is vast and filled with great loss, pain, sometimes accompanied by regret, guilt, confusion and a soul loneliness.

Whether your pet dies of old age, illness or accident seems to make no difference to the grief levels you may feel.

The first important thing I have learned from a Spirit Pets is that they are never afraid of death. Whether a sudden early demise/accident or a timely death after a long life or illness. Animal communication has real benefits for you when you are ready to talk to your Spirit Pet.

Spirit Pets find the dream state of humans to be the easiest way to connect with you, especially when they have just passed on. Set your intention and ask them before you sleep to visit you in a dream.

Invite your Spirit Pet to visit whenever they want or whenever you need to feel their presence. Many people I´ve spoken to after they lost a pet have told me of feeling their pet´s presence, seeing a little shadow out of their peripheral vision, hearing paws on the floor, smelling their scent waft by, waking up to an energetic weight on their bed where the pet always slept and other subtle signs.

Departed pets do not necessarily hang out with their own species. Sometimes they are with humans that have departed this earth too, some are with Light Beings of unknown origin. They also are spending time checking out what is going on with you/family.

Sometimes I see them on the other side busy doing some sort of Soul work with other more needy souls.

And then there is occasionally the time further on where they may be checking out potential parents for their next conception in a new body. Yes animals do reincarnate. More information on that further in my Blog.

If you ever feel like checking out the other side or dimension without dying, ask your Spirit Pet to take you there in your dreams. Many indigenous cultures around the world have Animal Spirit Guides and Totems to assist, protect and be there for you in a myriad of mysterious and practical ways.

One of my greatest awareness’s of animals when they die is they do not want you to talk about them in the past tense. As much as I explain that humans usually think if the body is gone the animal exists no more. Animals are well aware of their foreverness, much more than humans.

I have yet to meet a Spirit Pet that is not happy in those other worlds. The only concerns they have is for the humans and animals they have left. Communicating with your pet that has passed on can be a very enlightening experience. Spirit Pets usually always have suggestions about your life and decisions you make. They could be seeing the big picture or cosmic view of your life.

I have learnt more about the other side from animals than any holy book I have ever read and I´ve read a lot of them!

I can help you talk with your departed pet
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