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Sessions available face to face visit available on Sunshine Coast.
Long Distance sessions and visits are conducted by phone recorded on CD for your convenience.

How does it Work?

Liza meditates and connects with your pets before the appointment.  It is important to tell your animals before the treatment that there is a lady who can hear them and she will be listening to all their problems.  It enables them to be prepared with their questions and issues.  (This allows your pets to get their list ready.) 

During a pet healing session Liza may engage in a variety of techniques that allow her to tune in with your pet, including internal imagery, body sensations and emotions. This will depend on whichever is clearest at the time. Because Liza connects with animals on a psychic level she can communicate with your pet regardless of distance.

Preparing for the Session:

  • Email a photo of your pet(s).

  • Tell me all the issues you are having with your pet.
    Physical, behavioural, phobias, poor toilet problems, anything.

  • You call me at the prescheduled time.

  • If there are others living in your home, I will need to know, eg. husband, roommate, children. Pets talk a lot about the people they live with.

  • LOST PETS – I will need exact location where your pet was last seen and any odd circumstances happening beforehand.
    Click here for more information

  • Pets that have passed on have a voice. It is very beneficial to hear what your pet in Spirit has to say, especially if it was a sudden or traumatic for you or them.

  • It is also important a seriously ill animal, has an opportunity to speak before they pass on..

  • Payment is made before the appointment with Credit Card or Paypal.
    Bank Transfer or postal order is accepted.

  • One hour for one pet.
    One ½ hours for 2 or more pets.

Pet Psychic Phone SessionPet Psychic Phone Session

Book a one on one phone session with Liza and your pet. All phone treatments are recorded on CD for your convenience.
Please book 90min session for two or more pets or lost pets.

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Pet Psychic Phone SessionBuy a Gift Voucher

Purchase a one on one phone session with Liza for a loved one. All phone treatments are recorded on CD for their convenience.
As above, please book 90min session for two or more pets or lost pets.

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Pet Psychic Phone SessionAsk Your Soul to Dance CD

Your pets and you will love listening to the soothing sounds of Liza's
transformational Cell Singing accompanied by percussion and indigenous instrumenation.