The Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator

Have you ever wondered what
your pet is trying to tell you?

Whether you are looking for a horse whisperer, you want to know what is wrong with your cat or dog, want to contact the spirit of a pet that has passed over, or communicate with any animal better, Liza can conduct live accurate psychic readings regardless of your location.

Most animal lovers are aware of certain emotional states in their pet, such as sadness, fear, hunger, anxiety etc. However, we don't always know why and we often don't know how to help them feel better. Animals talk in thought/feelings (a thought with an emotion attached to it). A lot of animals talk in pictures and some, especially sick animals communicate in physical sensations.

Your pets are unique individuals. They sometimes have needs, wants and issues at home that need to be communicated. If not, some of the situations quickly become very stressful for your animal. These needs and wants can be quickly communicated and appropriate words and actions can bring a measure of peace to your pet.

Animals are much happier if they are even told of difficult family situations. They tend to get stressed when we get stressed. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles or any domesticated species will want to help. However, sometimes it is just not their purpose to take on our ´stuff. ´Especially when it is based in our skewed human perceptions and thinking. It´s fine to tell them, ´Thanks for the support, but do not take on my problems´.

Animal Communicator and Pet Psychic Liza Callen has not only the ability to telepathically talk to animals but also HEAR what's going on in their minds, emotions and world. 

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Animal Communication Sessions

A direct and informative way to hear what's going on with your pet

A direct and informative way to hear what's going on with your pet.

  • What is your friend trying to tell you
  • Avoid pet separation anxiety
  • De-stress your pet - excessive barking
  • Neurotic tendencies or odd behaviour
  • Settle new 'pound pet' in your home
  • Change poor indoor toilet habits
  • Pets that have passed on can be heard in spirit
  • Communicate important changes with your pet

" Your pets have unique and rather profound insights into your life. It is a fascinating experience listening to their input."

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Communicating with Pets that have Passed On

Communicating with Pets that have Passed On

Pets will pass on and drop their physical body. The pain of this loss for their carers is often overwhelming, whether a pet's death is sudden or expected. I have found that Spirit Pets are well aware of the 'life and death journey,' much more so than we are.

Find out about communicating with your deceased pet

Liza can help you Find Your Lost Pet

Liza can help find your Lost Pet

Liza can help find your Lost Pet

Liza has extensive experience and has worked not only with household pets, but her services have been used by zoos and animal parks in both the US and Australia.

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Earth Changes Affect Animals

The recent and continuing earth changes and increasing fluctuations in the electromagnetic field of earth, have affected the natural, instinctive, directional abilities of many animals including your pets.

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Personal Readings & Healings

Personal Readings & Healings

Liza also specialises in personal readings for healing including Aura Readings, Cell Singing, Past Lives Readings, Space Clearing and grief over lost ones..

A session with Liza can benefit a person in their physical and emotional life.


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