Liza Callen Internationally Renowned Animal Communicator

Just like humans, they have problems from time to time and need to express them. An Animal Communication session is a direct and informative way to hear what's going on with your pet. Animals have answers to their behaviour. They want to be heard and are usually happy to negotiate new behaviour. Learning how to hear our furry friends is a missing link in the experience of sharing the love between ourselves and our beloved animals in a more complete way.

Liza Callen Internationally Renowned Animla Communicator


Liza Callen has the unique ability to communicate with animalsLiza Callen has the unique ability to communicate with animals. Her life- long love of animals, combined with her telepathic gift has helped hundreds of people with their pets to understand and resolve behaviour, emotional and physical issues. She also works with lost or deceased pets.

Liza returned to Australia in 2007 after living and working with people and their pets in the USA for 16 years and is now based in the Noosa Hinterland. She spends her time between the Sunshine Coast and Peru. In Peru her work with animals is mainly in a voluntary capacity.

Her abilities enable her to not only to work face to face with animals, but also at any distance around the globe in any English or Spanish speaking country. A session by phone or Skype is just as effective as a personal experience for your pet and yourself. With telepathic animal communication, distance is irrelevant. Most behavioural situations are rapidly resolved. Emotional issues are understood and released. When the vet is at a loss to help your pet, physical problems can often be assisted by an Animal Communication Session.

Her passion includes teaching animal lovers to begin to hear what their pets are saying and responding in a way the animal can truly hear their owners. This is included within the pet psychic session as different animals have particular ways of communicating.

Liza also uses a technique of multi-phonic singing (splitting one note into two or three separate notes) as a healing modality for animals. In the USA her voice was researched for its therapeutic effects in the Medical College of Virginia and The Monroe Institute. Her CD 'Ask Your Soul to Dance' is a sound healing tool for people and their pets.

As an Animal Communicator I am continually amazed at the questions and answers, our furry friends share with me. I've worked with a large variety of animals in homes, zoos, safari parks and farms in the USA and Australia and South America. From depressed zoo elephants, scared pythons, dogs with inferiority complexes, an orangutan with post natal depression, horses holding a grudge, antisocial angry cats, bald feather plucking parrots, ferrets with self loathing and many upset or confused pets that just need an ear to listen to their troubles and some suggestions for their emotional healing.


Ever since I was a child I just presumed that people could hear what the animals were thinking or feeling."