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I have listed below several animals I perform healings for with regularly. I also work with a large range of exotic and unusual pets, so if your pet isn't on the list below, I am still happy to do a session with them.


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Excessive barking
Phobias and Anxiety
Health concerns
Emotional well being
Dog agression
Pulling on lead
Doesn't come when called
Lost dogs
Poor indoor toilet habits, etc.


Excessive meowing
Physical issues
Cats fighting
Poor indoor toilet habits
Personality issues
Anxiety and Phobias
Aggressive or strange behaviour
End of life decision(how much pain or sickness are they in)
Lost cats
Deceased cats


Excessive feather plucking
Aggressive pecking
Whether to clip wings or not
Health issues either emotional and physical
Change of owner trauma
Needs for bird friends
Lost birds
Traumatic incidents (birds have very long memories)


All kinds of vices such as;
Nervous disorders
Power struggles
Floating issues etc

OtherTypes of Pets

Liza has had experience treating behavioural and anxiety issues with Reptiles, Marsupials, Exotic Pets, All Wildlife.



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Household Dynamics

When your home is a menagerie of people and pets it is important to understand the dynamics of the animals when you are not home. It is possible for many species to live under one roof in HARMONY most of the time.

Adding a pet to your home when you have other animals it is vital that you ask/ tell them before. Never presume, your pet may want the animal YOU picked out for him or her as a friend. How can they be part of the choosing process if possible?