Liza conducting a Pet Ceremony
Liza conducting a Pet Ceremony

Liza Callen Pet Psychic Healing Testimonials

Indy's stress release

I booked a session with Liza out of desperation on how to deal with my beautiful rescue doggy Indy's stress. She had been getting worse and didn't want to get out of bed and I could tell she was so down and unhappy and I no longer knew what to do. She'd lost her hearing and we'd moved house and a few changes. After the session with Liza my confident happy Indy had returned and let us know she was back with some big howls - something she's rarely done - and strutting around the house and being more enthusiastic about her life. She's been so happy since and I was so amazed how quick the changes were after Liza had communicated with her. An amazing difference with a huge thanks to Liza.

Lisa Stokx

Our special bond

I wanted to send you my sincerest, deepest gratitude for the reading you did last week when you connected with Rosko. I've never been able to explain to anybody how much I love him, how inextricable our bond truly is, and you were able to see it, and that was such a nice validation. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with others. What a wonderful, beautiful blessing your reading was for me. I have listened to the recording a couple of times now and will continue to gain insight from it. I have reached the next stepping stone in my evolution, and you have helped facilitate that move. I thank you and honor you.

Love and blessings, Janine

Lost Otis comes home

Yes miracles do exist! Liza's ability to channel animal energy with accuracy and her empathy is truly miraculous. We lost our much loved cat Otis and after contacting Liza I followed her instructions directly. I am not sure if the positive energy or scent trail was the deciding factor in getting him to find his way home but we are more than thrilled! Thanks Liza we are all definitely believers in your magic.

Healing and growing through your words

Thank you Liza! I really appreciated the time I had to spend with you. Truly feel honoured to receive your gifts and knowledge from the universe and was lovely to hear the insights of Flopster and to know that our paths will cross again.

You have helped to light the path for my way into the future and to help me understand, heal and grow through your words. I loved your sense of humour, fun and also your sensitive advice.

Light & Love. Am sure I will speak with you again.

Mel xx

Thankyou so much for the reading this morning! I have received all the audio recordings and the sound healing track. I love the healing track and will play it for sure! I think you are an amazing person for all the work you do for the animals on this planet! They certainly need a voice! So many thanks again.

Robyn Svircas

Lost and found Marley

My young indoor  cat Marley fell off our 1st floor balcony in the CBD of Sydney. He was missing for over a week before I contacted Liza Callen. I was in a bad way emotionally. He is my best mate and I couldn’t live without him, yet I couldn’t imagine how I was going to get him home. He didn’t even know what his home looked like.

It feels like a total miracle, but about 7 hours after I had an appointment with Liza, Marley showed up at my door meowing like crazy. I really don’t know how this all works, but I highly recommend Liza for her abilities working with animals. For me it was a total miracle and Marley (who rarely made a noise before), has now found his voice and just won’t stop meowing when he has anything to say.

I am deeply grateful to have Marley back and really didn’t think I’d ever see him again. The area where I live has a huge traffic flow and not many places an indoor cat to hide or feel safe. Thank you for all the work you do Liza.

Mia Longford

Harmony in the Home

Our family has 3 dogs 2 cats and a hen house of chickens. When we recently adopted a rescue young kelpie dog, none off our pets liked this wild puppy. The adjustment for all our animals has been difficult, including the chickens. We loved this new dog, butwe had problems. After a session with Liza, all the animals settled down including Robbo the new dog. There are still occasional confrontations with the chickens and our old cat Alfred, but our large family is now accepting and even enjoying Robbo, though he can be still an annoying sometimes as puppies can be. The change in attitude with most of our pets was dramatic and quick and really quite surprising. I am  starting to talking to them telepathically as Liza does. I am surprised at how they are responding to ‘my communication’.

John and Cindy W

I can't believe it, Freddy flew home today. Thanks you so much for your help, I really didn't think he would see him again and as you know I have been so devastated. Your techniques and communication worked! I am so happy and looks like Freddy is very happy to be home. He had been gone for 8 days. It's a miracle, thank you Liza

Julie Waterman

Just an update for you about Colin our rescue dog you talked with last week. He knew his new name within the day, He is so much more relaxed with himself and Bitsy and even Merlin. He cuddled and slept with Merlin yesterday! I don't understand how you do this, but I am now practising it myself and dogs really look at me strangely when I communicate with them. They must be hearing something I'm saying. Thank you so much. Our home is much more tranquil and happy.

Daniel and Lynda

Guess what Liza, last night Tiny was found by a lady a Coulglin Drive. We went to pick her up from her house and right next door was a school, you mentioned and lady's house was light blue with a rose bushes and iron lattice just like you said. Tiny has lost a lot of weight, but she will be fine and so will I, now she is home. Thanks for keeping me positive and focused, thanks from Tiny too.


I am writing this testimony to tell people with pets that have any issues, to consider an appointment with Liza Callen. I have 2 dogs, 2 birds, one cat and horses. She has assisted helping my menagerie on 3 occasions in rather big situations and crisis. She truly has an amazing gift with animals. They respond to her in a way I cannot explain. Changes in behaviour are rapid, questions are answered, physical scans are performed. It is like therapy and healing for animals, only more. I highly recommend an animal communication experience with Liza Callen.

Madelyn Moore

When simba passed on last February I was inconsolable with grief and guilt. It felt worse than any pain I have ever felt. I contacted Liza online about one month after and booked a session. During the appointment, I not only knew simba was talking to me, but simba told me things via Liza that only simba, my partner and I had shared. I am learning to be telepathic with simba as I realize she has only physically gone. It was only shortly later I felt her presence around me. My other cat seemed to notice her too. After the appointment I felt some real peace for the first time since simba passed on. This peace continues, every time I think of her. Thank you Liza

Dorothy Atkins

At the start of this year I contacted Liza Callen as my dog Rocky who is 15 years old was diagnosed with a fast growing tumour in rectum. he was having problems pooing and the vet wanted to put him down. Obviously I was devastated but I wanted to give rocky the chance to tell me if that was what he wanted and if he was in a lot of pain and any other helpful tips, plus any last loving words just in case the worst was to happen. On our consultation you connected with Rocky who told you that he was unwell but felt he still had a lot more life in him yet. He needed his diet changed to a more natural home cooked meals no preservatives and you mentioned that we needed to try a pet naturopath.

Of course there were many words of love exchanged but in general it gave me a better outlook as to what to try. It also gave me some hope. I took all the advice and contacted and all Natural Pet Care who prescribed herbs and supplements without even seeing him. I did have reports from my vet sent down to them eg blood tests etc. Plus I continued taking Rocky for general check ups at vet every 8 weeks and at first the tumour was getting bigger. But I continued the diet and supplements which helped him to poo easier. I slowly noticed that he seemed more energetic. His coat became shiny again and slowly he seemed to be getting younger. Its been 6 months since our conversation. I took Rocky to the vet last week and to her surprise she could not believe Rocky was still alive and even more surprising that the tumour had disappeared. Yeahhh.

I am so thankful I contacted you first against listening to the vet. Of course it was a lot of work and dedication to changing what was required but I have my beautiful Rocky back for a bit longer. I’m so thrilled. 

Many thanks form Sandra and Rocky- Outback NSW

Bronson is my staffy. I take him everywhere. He loves a good hike but when we have to cross any bridge he starts shaking and will never cross the bridge. It was hard to find places to hike where there isn't a creek crossing around where I live. I called Liza and after her talking to Bronson, he told us of being thrown into a creek off a bridge by some teenage boys when he was young. We listened and then Liza apologised for the boy's cruel behaviour. She also promised it would never happen again, he was safe. The next day we went hiking and Bronson crossed a bridge and has never looked back. He will always be my hiking companion.

Jason Black

My indoor cat fell out of our 2nd story window of our town house in the very busy part of Brisbane. She was gone for 5 days. I'd put 100's of posters out called everyone I could. I was very afraid as she didn't even know how to find our house. With Liza Callen's help Harmony was meowing at our back door within 5 hours. It is still a mystery as she has only seen our front door once in 2 years.

Maria Tully

I always worry when I travel.My poodle Maddy gets very anxious and when I leave goes off her food, toilets inside and is generally miserable. It doesn't matter who I get to mind her. When I knew I had to leave for work for 3 weeks, I called Liza. The guilt had been really bothering me. For the first time since I've been travelling for work, Maddy wasn't even anxious, when she saw the suit cases being packed. My daughter said she was her happy self- no misery, no peeing inside. However she sat for 2 hours at the door the day I arrived home, waiting for me.

Thank you Liza.

Wyoming was my 12 year old dog. He became gravely ill with cancer. I was unsure of how long he would live and how much pain he was in. It was a sad but a great relief to talk to him before I made a choice to end his pain. I am still missing him terribly, but I know now he really does live on in spirit. I have had 2 very lucid yet odd encounter's with Wyoming since he died. He also visits me in dreams, which I find very unusual as I rarely remember my dreams.

Thank you Liza.

Princess, my blue Persian is a cat who continually runs across our busy road and loves hanging out in drain near our property. The grass is long and is a home for lots of snakes. Princess was not a particularly affectionate cat since my roommate moved out 12 months before. After our session with Liza, Princess has gone to the edge of the road but has never run across it since. Her fascination with the drain has gone. She is much more loving with me. Apparently she felt quite abandoned when my roommate left and afraid to get close to me incase I left her too. Princess also told me she really liked my new boyfriend. I have since let this love blossom and the three of us are very happy.

Sylvia C.

My young dog Felix barks constantly at anything or anyone or often for no reason at all. I would never have believed I could shut him up. Liza talked to him and also showed me a technique to quieten him. Immediately he began to relax and no longer barks continually. My other German Shepherd Brutus had been moody and standoffish since I brought Felix home to live with us. Liza told me Brutus was never asked whether he wanted a companion and felt really put out about it. After listening to Brutus' complaints and apologizing for not asking him if he wanted another dog in the house, his personality took a dramatic turn. They both play together now, and our home is much more peaceful.

Susan Mackay

Starlite is my beautiful 14 year old mare. She has had 4 different owners before I bought her. I have been too afraid to ride her as she has thrown me off twice. Liza spent time listening to Starlite's past and reassured her that she will staying with us for the rest of her life. She also explained how dangerous it is for me if she throws me off. I now hum a little tune before I get in the saddle(Liza's idea) and I'm thrilled to say Starlite and I have enjoyed many rides together without incident.

Lillian Albright

Buffy my 11 year old Pekinese had a terrible ulcer on her eye that the vet wanted to cut into. She also had some heart problems. No medication seemed to be working. I had changed vets when my local vet left. Liza mentioned that Buffy called the new vet 'the executioner'. It's interesting that everytime I have been to the new vet, he would tell me Buffy was old and don't expect her to live much longer. Buffy is now nearly 12, her eye has healed without medical intention, her heart beats strong and she seems to have a new lease on life. I play Liza's CD regularly for myself and Buffy. It is very relaxing and has made a big difference to Buffy's separation anxiety. Strangely enough, I am able to understand her a lot better. Thank you Liza.

Mary B

I have a python called Montezuma. He became very timid with me and I couldn't figure out why. He told Liza my father hated him and he didn't trust him. I talked to dad about it and told him he can't be putting out that bad feeling towards Montezuma. Dad was shocked that a snake could know about feelings and admitted he didn't like my snake. Since then dad has made an effort to accept Monte as part of our family. He may dislike snakes, but he actually says hello to Monte now. Montezuma slithers around the house much more confidently now and lets me pat his head again.

Mark Ryder

I have seven indoor cats. There has often been trouble and fights between them. They all have such different personalities. Liza has worked with them on two occasions now. I can't believe how much better they are all getting on. There is still some hissing occasionally, but the cat fights have finished. I understand their different personalities a lot better now.

Mrs Thelma Atkinson

My chickens have suffered and been killed by quolls for years. I built a chicken coop like a maximum security gaol, yet the quolls keep getting killed by these hungry marsupials. Liza asked Bob our rooster how they were getting inside. Within 10 seconds Bob told her exactly where the tiny hole under the fence was. It was covered by a clump of grass and not visible to anyone.

Mark Sheriff

Harriet our Springer/Spaniel cross has always been frantic when we take her in the car. It is also difficult in our boat. She jumps out of it into the water and swims away every chance she gets. Boating has become very stressful. We spend most of the day chasing the dog in the ocean. Liza talked to Harriet After our treatment with Liza there was an immediate change in the way she was acting in our car. The day after the session we took her in the boat. We were both very surprised. Harriet sat quietly and only went swimming when we told her she could. Since then she has never jumped off the boat swum off on her own without our permission. It has made a huge difference in our lives as we drive a lot and use our boat nearly every weekend. Thank you Liza.

John and Robyn

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